Parent & Family Advocacy Program

  • HSG Attendee
    There's space for everyone to be heard, the topic is not easy, but the healing comes from the conversation and processing together.
    HSG Attendee
  • HSG Attendee
    We heal the community and the community heals us.
    HSG Attendee
  • Ethan Berry
    I would recommend HSG to someone else so they can begin to understand new perspectives to bring about positive change for our communities.
    Ethan Berry
  • HSG Attendee
    Solid place to learn about yourself and the community.
    HSG Attendee
  • HSG Attendee
    Excellent place to build community through sharing thoughts, experiences and ideas for positive action.
    HSG Attendee
  • HSG Attendee
    No other place in the city do we receive intergenerational, connecting genders, and families. It is a safe space.
    HSG Attendee

Parent & Family Advocacy Program (PFAP)

Formed in 2009 and previously called “Ascension Groups.” HUMAN SUSTAINABILITY GROUPS are a contingent of peer-support networks where the growth, development, and well-being of the individual, family, group and community is always on the top of the agenda. our interactive process and emphasis on shared leadership helps to create an environment that honors our unique experiences, but maximizes the value of our shared realities; from the challenges of parenting, confronting societal barriers, substance abuse, and dysfunctional relationships. All of which moves participants to higher level of “SELF-AWARENESS.”


A self-reliant fellowship of men, women, and youth coming together for the purpose of healing, and self development, through interactive processes, networking, and education; Subsequently providing leadership & excellence that ignites and transforms community.

Group Frequency

Men & Boys Focus 2nd Wednesday of each month Women & Girl Focus 3rd Wednesday of each month Family Focus 4th Wednesday of each month

Phase 1 Discovery Objectives

1. Providing a safe space for individuals seeking healing, growth, and networking

2. Facilitate a process that challenges individuals and groups to seek higher group within self, family and community
3. Provide participants with referrals and connection to vital resources needed to sustain optimal grown and development
Curriculum Framework
1. Foundation
2. Discovery
3.Cultural Assesment

Phase 2 Commitment Objectives

1. Create a caring and forward-thinking community committed to holistic growth

2. Create Culture Based Transformative Coaching (CBTC) Assessments on all members
3. Develop stage-1 Personal Life Plans (PLP) for all members
4. All members show positive movement towards personal goals set during cycle
Curriculum Framework
1. Purpose
2. Guiding Principles
3. Winning Process
4. Core Values
5. Natural Talents

Phase 3 Service Objectives

1. Maintain and expand a caring and forward-thinking community that is committed to holistic growth

2. Develop stage-2 Personal Life Plans (PLP) for all members
3. Develop, implement, evaluate a collective impact project designed to transform community
Curriculum Framework
1. Self-Care and Self Mastery
2. Effective Communication & Relationships
3. Interdependence and Community Transformation


East Bay Cultural Enrichment and Training Center
1572 150th Avenue
San Leandro, CA 94578